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Federal Requirement 4.8
Distance Education - Written Procedure for Additional Student Charges

15. An institution that offers distance or correspondence education documents each of the following:

4.8.3 has a written procedure distributed at the time of registration or enrollment that notifies students of any projected additional student charges associated with verification of student identity.

Judgment of Compliance:


Narrative/Justification for Judgment of Compliance:

Florida Gateway College (FGC) publishes the current fee schedule, which is approved annually by the District Board of Trustees (DBOT) [1]. The college has no projected additional student charges associated with verification of student identity.

Current fee information [2] is posted on the website and includes the following statement:

All fees are listed per credit hour. Amount does not include lab fees or distance learning fees. Lab fees are per course, not credit hour; distance learning fees are $10 per credit hour. There are no additional charges associated with verification of student identity.

Information about fees are posted on the Distance Learning [3] page of the college website and also in the college catalog [4] and student handbook [5]. In the class schedule [6] all fees are displayed for each course. A detailed list [7] of fees is provided to each student when they register for a course. This detailed list can be accessed through their college MyFGC account.

There are no costs for proctored testing in the FGC Testing Center or in the Collegewide Learning Lab (CWLL). Students may incur an additional cost if testing is completed at an approved testing center off campus. This option is at the discretion of the student.

[1] DBOT Aproval of Current Fee Schedule
[2] Current Fee Information Webpage
[3] Distance Learning Webpage - Fees
[4] College Catalog - Fees
[5] Student Handbook - Fees
[6] Fees Associated with Course
[7] Detailed List of Fees

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