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Federal Requirement 4.6
Recruitment Materials

13. Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

Judgment of Compliance:


Narrative/Justification for Judgment of Compliance:

Florida Gateway College (FGC) has recruitment materials and presentations that accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

The Office of Admissions is the initial point of contact for students interested in admission [1] to the college. This office maintains the responsibility for general college recruitment which encompasses the dissemination of recruitment materials and admission information. Admissions staff also serves to identify target markets for the recruitment of students, and general marketing of the college. The director of enrollment management [2] oversees the Office of Admissions. Office staff includes a full time enrollment specialist [3], two full time college recruiters [4], and two admission specialists [5]. The enrollment specialist coordinates the general recruitment activities and initiatives.

The executive director of media and public information [6] oversees the Media and Public Information Office. Staff includes one full time public information coordinator [7], one full time marketing and graphics production coordinator [8], two full time audio visual television specialists, and one senior staff assistant. The Media and Public Information staff works in coordination with the office of admissions, department directors, program coordinators, faculty, staff, and the college Web/Publications Committee to develop and publish college materials that accurately represent the college’s practices and policies. [9] Brochures are reviewed by the appropriate department for accuracy. The department vice president provides final approval.

Recruitment activities are driven by the college’s recruitment plan [10] developed annually according to FGC District Board of Trustees (DBOT) Policy 6Hx12:9-5, Recruitment of Students [11]. Recruitment materials and presentations [12] are published in accordance with the Department of Education’s Electronic Code of Federal Regulations [13] prohibiting misrepresentation of information to students and others.

Recruitment activity reports [14] are produced for internal review on a regular basis. The director of enrollment management presents a summary of the recruitment reports at regular meetings with the college president, the executive director of media and public information, the coordinator of public information and the coordinator of marketing and graphics production.

Recruitment materials are published on the college website and through various media outlets, including brochures and flyers; newspaper advertising, billboards and radio; video; and digital and social media. Distance learning students have access to recruitment materials through the various outlets.

[1] Information to Potential Students
[2] Director of Enrollment Management
[3] Enrollment Specialist
[4] Recruiter
[5] Admissions Specialist
[6] Executive Director, Media and Public Information
[7] Coordinator, Public Information
[8] Coordinator, Marketing and Graphics Production
[9] Samples of Recruitment Brochures
[10] Recruitment Plan
[11] DBOT Policy 6Hx12:9-5 - Recruitment of Students
[12] Recruitment Presentations
[13] Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
[14] Recruitment Activity Reports
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