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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.3
Admission Policies

5. The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission.

Judgment of Compliance:


Narrative/Justification for Judgment of Compliance:

Florida Gateway College (FGC) publishes admission policies that are consistent with its mission.

FGC’s admissions policies are authorized by FGC District Board of Trustees (DBOT) Policy 6Hx12:9 12, Admissions Criteria [1]. Admission policies are consistent with the mission of the college which is “to provide superior instruction, nurture individual development, and enrich the community through quality higher education programs and lifelong learning opportunities.”

Admissions procedures are published in the general college admissions section of the college catalog [2], and on the college website [3]. Steps to admission and enrollment are listed on the website and are also available from the Admissions Office. [4] Once the student is admitted to the college, an acceptance letter [5] and step by step instructions [6] are sent to the student.

The college catalog provides the following published information in regards to admission procedures: lower division admissions: first time in college students; returning re-admit students; transfer students; transient students; high school dual enrollment early college students; non-degree seeking personal enrichment; international students; upper division baccalaureate admissions; residency classification; Georgia four county differential/residency classification request; and residency appeals.

The above information can also be accessed via the college website. Additionally, college admission applications are reflective of admissions procedures/requirements. An online admissions application and access to the general college baccalaureate application is available.

FGC is a comprehensive public college, operating as a member of the Florida College System, a division of the Florida Department of Education which advocates for postsecondary educational opportunity, access and student success.

In accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, FGC adheres to an open-door admissions policy for associate-level degree programs and workforce education programs. This provides open-access to superior, affordable, quality education and training opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

In accordance with Florida Statute 1007.263 [7] admission to associate-level degree programs [8] is subject to minimum standards adopted by the State Board of Education and United States Department of Education, and shall require: a valid/credible high school diploma, a high school equivalency diploma as prescribed in Florida Statute 1003.435 [9], previously demonstrated competency in college credit postsecondary coursework, or, in the case of a student who is home educated, a signed FGC affidavit submitted by the student’s parent or legal guardian attesting that the student has completed a home education program as prescribed by the respective state statute in which home school completion was achieved. Florida statute 1002.41 [10] defines home education programs. A limited number of vocational certificate programs are available regardless of high school graduation.

The admissions process for baccalaureate programs [11] requires that all students, including native associate degree graduates, apply for baccalaureate admission through a separate admission process in order to be admitted into an upper division, baccalaureate-level program. In accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, FGC provides access to baccalaureate programs without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

FGC adheres to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required affording equal educational opportunity. Students may obtain further assistance and information by contacting the Disability Services Office.

Admission to the college does not imply nor guarantee admission into any program with special admission requirements and/or designated as limited access. It is recommended and publicized in the college catalog [12], on the college website [13], and within the student acceptance letter for general admission that students interested in enrolling in a limited access program should contact the appropriate program director and/or meet with an academic advisor as early as possible.

Programs with special admission requirements:

  • Emergency Medical Services/AS Degree
  • Emergency Medical Technician – Basic/College Credit Certificate
  • Paramedic/College Credit Certificate
  • Practical Nursing Program/Vocational Certificate
  • Registered Nursing Programs/AS Degree
  • Cosmetology/Vocational Certificate
  • Basic Law Enforcement
  • Basic Corrections
  • Firefighter Minimum Standards/Vocational Certificate
  • Fire Science Apparatus Operator/Vocational Certificate
  • Baccalaureate in Nursing/BSN
  • Baccalaureate in Early Childhood Education/BS-ECE

FGC’s Media and Community Information Department, in collaboration with the Registrar’s office and administrative and educational departments, is responsible for ensuring that information published is clear, accurate, and consistent.

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