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Comprehensive Standard 3.13
Policy Compliance

17. The institution complies with the policies of the Commission on Colleges.

3.13 B. Complaint Procedures against the Commission or its Accredited Institutions

Applicable Policy Statement. In addition to FR 4.5 regarding complaints, the Commission also requires, in accord with federal regulations, that each institution maintains a record of complaints received by the institution. This record is made available to the Commission upon request.

Documentation: Normally, this record will be reviewed and evaluated by the Commission as part of the institution’s decennial evaluation; however, during the fifth-year interim review, when addressing this policy statement, the institution should provide information to the Commission describing how the institution maintains its record and (1) individuals/offices responsible for the maintenance of the record(s), (2) elements of a complaint review that are included in the record, and (3) where the record(s) is located (centralized or decentralized).

Judgment of Compliance:


Narrative/Justification for Judgment of Compliance:

As identified in FR 4.5, Florida Gateway College (FGC) has outlined written complaint procedures and the office responsible for handling the complaint or concern.

FGC tries to solve student complaints informally if at all possible. Student issues are usually effectively resolved by the appropriate vice president, executive director, director, ombudsperson or faculty member before reaching the level of formal written complaints. If a student issue cannot be resolved informally, the college has written, published procedures to facilitate the resolution of the issue. Complaints from distance learning and on-campus students are documented and maintained using the same procedure.

Written complaints are documented in logbooks and are kept on file in the office of the administrator receiving the complaint. The following offices are responsible for maintaining appropriate complaint records: vice president academic programs; vice president student services; vice president occupational programs; vice president business services; executive director nursing and health sciences; executive director teaching, design and computer programs; executive director business, industrial and agricultural programs; executive director human resources/equity officer; director public service training center; director academic programs; director water resources; and coordinator developmental education.

The elements of a written complaint that are documented in the logbook [1] are the date the complaint was received, the name of the person submitting the complaint, the nature of the complaint, and the date the complaint was resolved. Copies of documentation related to the written complaint and its resolution are also kept in the logbook.

The logbook also contains copies of the college’s related policies and procedures and claim forms for timely reference and to expedite the process.

FGC publishes DBOT complaint/appeals policies and procedures on the college website [2], in the student handbook [3], and in the college catalog [4]. All courses are listed in Blackboard [5] and complaint procedures are outlined in each course.

[1] Campus Log Book
[2] Student Complaint and Appeals Webpage
[3] Student Handbook Complaints and Appeals
[4] Catalog Complaints and Appeals
[5] Blackboard Complaint Procedure
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